Selected links pertaining to Chinese philosophy:

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(Note: This list has not been thoroughly checked since May 2009. Some links may be dead.)

Information Hubs

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Articles in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy provide some of the most extensive sources of information about Chinese philosophy on line. As of December 2008, the SEP includes the following entries on Chinese thought:

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Another excellent source is the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which covers many topics not treated in the SEP. As of December 2008, the IEP includes these articles on Chinese philosophy:

New articles appearing after I compiled this list can be found here.

Other Online Articles



  • Donald Sturgeon’s ambitious Chinese Text Project provides a large collection of early texts, in many cases with side-by-side English translations, as well as an integrated dictionary and a database of publications on Chinese philosophy. A very impressive, useful resource.

  • The Shuhai Wenyuan is a digital database of classical Chinese texts hosted by the University of Hawaii. The latest version is a collaboration with the Chinese Text Project that offers resources from the CTP, the CUHK ICS concordance series, and Edwin Pulleyblank's Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar, among other sources.

  • Christoph Harbsmeier's elaborate Thesaurus Linguae Sericae "explores the conceptual schemes of pre-Buddhist Chinese on the basis of a corpus of translated texts interlinked with an analytic dictionary."

  • The China Academic Digital Associative Library is building a complete set of texts of the Siku Quanshu 四庫全書. You can search for them at the site portal here or through this list.

  • The Hong Kong Society of Humanistic Philosophy 香港人文哲學會 provides an extensive archive of Chinese philosophy e-texts, ranging from Pre-Qin texts to Qing dynasty and early twentieth-century works. It includes a large collection of hard-to-find Wei-Jin and Song-Ming texts. See the section entitled "網上中國哲學經典" in the middle of the homepage.

  • 中華文化網 has an extensive set of Chinese philosophy e-texts here. For their other selections, see here. (Note: As of June 2009, these links seem broken.)

  • The National Palace Museum’s 寒泉古典文獻全文檢索資料庫, a searchable database, is here.

  • The "China the Beautiful" page offers another good selection of texts.

  • 古籍電子書連線 links to a vast assortment of texts.

  • Steve Angle’s Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive offers a range of texts. This is one of the few sites to offer Song, Ming, and later Confucian texts.

  • 翰廬 has a wide selection of texts here.

  • The Dao is Open site provides e-texts of six versions of the Dàodéjīng.

  • Mugitani Kunio’s Sinology text archive

  • Burton Watson’s English translation of the Zhuangzi.

  • Lionel Giles’s English translation of the Liezi.

  • Paul Halsall’s links to English translations of Chinese philosophical texts.

  • Anne Kinney has posted several texts, with English translations, here. These include a complete translation of the Hanfeizi.

  • Search for “Lao Tzu” on this page to find several dozen translations of the Dàodéjīng, including Hansen’s, Henricks’s, and Lau’s.

  • Even more Dàodéjīng translations are available on this page.

  • Y. P. Mei’s translation of the Mozi. (This link now seems broken. Mei's translation is also available through Donald Sturgeon's site.)

  • Herbert Giles’s Chinese Sketches of 1875 (little to do with philosophy, but fascinating reading).

Professional Societies

A number of professional societies related to Chinese thought operate websites.

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