Beida Lectures: Zhuangzi and Xunzi

The week of June 26–30 I delivered two lectures in the Department of Philosophy at Peking University and greatly enjoyed meeting graduate students and colleagues there. My deep thanks to Professor Zheng Kai for organizing this visit and Dr. Huachao Wang for all his efforts making arrangements. Especially meaningful was that the first lecture took place in the old home of Feng Youlan, which has been lovingly preserved on the Beida campus.

The topics of my lectures were "莊學與個別論 (Zhuangzi and Particularism)" and "荀子與當代德性認識論 (Xunzi and Virtue Epistemology)." These were based on the following papers:

Zhuangzi and Particularism

Epistemic Competence and Agency in Sosa and Xunzi