Selections from the Mohist Dialogues

I'm posting here selections from the Mohist "Dialogues" included in my abridged translation of the Mozi, which I hope will be forthcoming before too long. Here is the file:

Selections from the "Dialogues"

Following the example of the Stephanus numbering used to cite from the works of Plato and the Bekker numbering used to cite from Aristotle, I prefer to cite from Mozi (and also Zhuangzi and Xunzi) using the chapter and line numbers in the Harvard-Yenching concordances. Because the HY series numbers all lines in each chapter sequentially, this citation method allows compact, precise reference to exactly the lines one intends to cite.

In most cases the HY numbers can be used to quickly find the lines through the concordance search tool at My thanks to Eirik Harris for pointing out that at the moment (May 2017) the Mohist "Dialogues" (Mozi books 46–49) are an exception.

The translation posted here includes HY numbers for each section. (They are the parenthetical references at the end of the paragraph.) This is an abridged translation, so not every paragraph is included, but most of those cited in The Philosophy of the Mozi are.