Learning Classical Chinese

I was asked recently to recommend a textbook or two on Classical Chinese. Although I myself don't teach language courses, my understanding is that two recent textbooks are both quite good.

  • Michael A. Fuller, An Introduction to Literary Chinese, revised ed. (Harvard, 2004). This is a text for students who already have some background in modern Chinese.

  • Paul Rouzer, A New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese (Harvard, 2007). This text is a bit easier for those with no previous background in Chinese.

Beyond these two textbooks, I strongly recommend this book for every serious student of Classical Chinese:

  • Edwin Pulleyblank, Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar (UBC, 1995; U Washington, 1998).

Update: Prof. Mark Edward Lewis has an online course in Classical Chinese here: http://chinesetexts.stanford.edu/