Graduate Study in Chinese Philosophy

The following pages contain advice on pursuing a Ph.D. and an academic career in Chinese philosophy. Some of this advice is general, some is specifically for students from English-speaking countries, and some is for students from Greater China.

These remarks were posted in 2009 and reflect the state of the field at that time. Keep in mind that this discussion represents one person’s opinion and add salt accordingly. (Update, 2016: I've now omitted several sections that have become outdated.)

I also suggest you consider the various opinions expressed in the links here.

If you want to skip the lengthy discussion and jump straight to my main recommendations, go here.

Please note that all the comments here were written in early 2009 and may become dated.

As of 2009, I would have strongly recommended my own institution, the University of Hong Kong, as a beneficial environment in which to pursue graduate study in Chinese thought. Because of recent changes in the funding model for postgraduate scholarships at HKU, as of 2016 I can no longer broadly recommend that students apply here, as financial aid may be extremely limited. Potential applicants are welcome to email me for more information about the situation.