HKU PHIL Major Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the major, students should be able to:

  • Understand argument structure and norms of argumentation and be able to evaluate arguments critically and construct persuasive arguments of their own
  • Apply this understanding and ability in the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and understanding
  • Present and evaluate ideas in argument form clearly, critically, yet charitably while identifying and exploring alternative perspectives
  • Articulate their own views and develop insights into fundamental questions about truth, value, and beauty
  • Reflect critically on their own beliefs, values, and worldview, examining their justification, coherence, and implications
  • Engage in constructive, open-minded discussion with others who hold different views while presenting their own view(s) clearly and logically
  • Engage in informed and constructive discussion of diverse philosophical views on, perspectives toward, or approaches to fundamental questions concerning truth, value, or beauty
  • Appreciate the range and variety of philosophical projects and accomplishments throughout history and across societies
  • Use skills developed in philosophy to interpret and understand the views of others sympathetically and to express their own views clearly, concisely, and effectively both orally and in writing
  • Appreciate the role of open, rational discussion in the shared pursuit of knowledge and improved forms of social life across cultures and societies throughout history