Tang Junyi on Mencius and Mozi

Tang Junyi on Mencian and Mohist Conceptions of Mind. In Contemporary Confucians of the Chinese University, Cheng Chung Yi, ed. New Asia Academic Bulletin 19 (October 2006): 203–33.

Tang Junyi (T’ang Chun-i 唐君毅) was among the founders of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the first chair of the Department of Philosophy at CUHK, an influential scholar of Chinese philosophy, and one of the leaders of the New Confucian movement. In this article, I take issue with the line of interpretation he develops in a provocative 1955 study of Mencius and Mozi. Though I don’t make the connections explicit, Tang’s views and my critique of them are relevant to issues in contemporary discussions of action and motivation, particularly the debate between motivational Humeanism and anti-Humeanism. The pdf file indicates the original pagination of the journal article.

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