Chinese Philosophy: An Introduction

Provisional Table of Contents


  • What is Chinese Philosophy?

  • Historical Overview

  • Intellectual Origins

  • Early Chinese Philosophy: Features and Issues

  • Medieval Chinese Philosophy: Features and Issues

Chapter 1: Early Confucianism

  • Confucius and the Analects

  • Mencius

  • Xunzi

Chapter 2: Mohism

Chapter 3: Daoism

  • The Daodejing

  • The Zhuangzi

Chapter 4: Legalism

Chapter 5: Buddhism

Chapter 6: Later Confucianism

  • Zhu Xi and the School of Pattern

  • Wang Yangming and the School of Mind

  • Wang Fuzhi

  • Yan Yuan

  • Dai Zhen

Epilogue: Chinese Philosophy Today

Guide to Pronunciation


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