Mohist Thought

My interests in mind, language, and the Zhuangzi have led me to devote much attention to the philosophy of the Mozi, as understanding Mohism is a prerequisite for understanding many of the background assumptions of early Chinese thought. As a result, Mohism itself has ended up becoming one of my major research areas. My publications in this area include:

  • Mohism and Motivation. In C. Fraser, D. Robins, and T. O'Leary, eds., Ethics in Early China (HKU Press, 2011), 73–90.
  • Mohist Canons, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (revised May 2009).
  • Mohism, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (revised 2015).

Keywords: Mozi, Mohist philosophy, Mohist ethics, Mohist moral psychology, 墨子, 墨家哲學, 墨家心性論