Language and Logic in Chinese Thought

As a result of my interest in Mohism and in philosophy of mind and action, I've done much work on early Chinese philosophy of language and logic. Related publications include these:

  • The Mass Noun Hypothesis and Interpretive Methodology. Journal of Chinese Philosophy and Culture 1 (2006): 58–107.
  • Mohist Canons, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (revised May 2009).
  • Mohism, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (revised July 2009).

Keywords: Chinese logic, philosophy of language and Chinese philosophy, Chinese philosophy of language, language and logic in ancient China, ancient Chinese logical theory, 中國邏輯學, 先秦邏輯學, 中國語言哲學, 先秦語言哲學, Later Mohist Logic 墨辯, Gongsun Long 公孫龍, "White Horse Discourse" 白馬論, Hui Shi 惠施, School of Names 名家