Chinese Epistemology

Much of my work touches on themes in classical Chinese epistemology. Relevant publications include these:

Knowledge and Error in Early Chinese Thought. Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 10.2 (2011): 127–48.

Distinctions, Judgment, and Reasoning in Classical Chinese Thought. History and Philosophy of Logic 34.1 (2013), 1–24.

Language and Logic in Xunzi. Forthcoming in the Dao Companion to Xunzi, Eric Hutton, ed. Dordrecht: Springer.

Skepticism and Value in the Zhuangzi. International Philosophical Quarterly 49.4 (2009): 439–57.

Mohist Epistemology. Section in “Mohism,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Epistemology in the Mohist “Canons.” Section in “Mohist Canons,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Keywords: Chinese epistemology, Chinese skepticism, theory of knowledge, reliability, justification