PHIL4810/6810 Readings

Sept 19: Emotion

Focus reading: P. Griffiths, “The Social Construction of Emotion,” in What Emotions Really Are: The Problem of Psychological Categories (Chicago, 1997), 137–167.

Background reading: P. Goldie, “Emotion, Feeling, and Knowledge of the World,” in Thinking About Feeling: Contemporary Philosophers on Emotions, ed. R. Solomon (Oxford, 2004), 91–104.

Background reading: P. Goldie, “Emotion,” Philosophy Compass 2.6 (2007), 928–938.

Optional background reading: P. Goldie, “Grief: A Narrative Account,” Ratio (New Series) 24 (2011), 119–137.

Sept 26: Creativity

Focus reading: M. Kieran, “Creativity as a Virtue of Character,” in The Philosophy of Creativity, ed. E. Paul and S. Kaufman (Oxford, 2014), 125–144.

Background reading: O. Flanagan, “Performing Oneself,” in The Philosophy of Creativity, ed. E. Paul and S. Kaufman (Oxford, 2014), 105–124.

Background reading: B. Gaut, “The Philosophy of Creativity,” Philosophy Compass 5.12 (2010), 1034–1046.

Oct 10: Truthmaker theory

Focus reading: D. Lewis, “Truthmaking and Difference-Making,” Nous 35.4 (2001), 602–615.

Background reading: G. Molnar, “Truthmakers for Negative Truths,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 78.1 (2000), 72–86.

Background reading: G. Rodriguez-Pereyra, “Why Truthmakers,” in Truthmakers: The Contemporary Debate, ed. H. Beebee and J. Dodd (Oxford, 2005), 17–31.

Oct 24: Metaphysical realism

Focus reading: E. Hirsch, “Quantifier Variance and Realism,” Philosophical Issues 12 (2002), 51–73.

Background reading: K. McDaniel, “Ways of Being,” in Metametaphysics, ed. D. Chalmers, D. Manley, and R. Wasserman (Oxford, 2009), 290–319.

Background reading: T. Sider, “Ontological Realism,” in Metametaphysics, 384–423.

Nov 7: Distributive justice

Focus reading: R. Nozick, “Distributive Justice,” Anarchy, State and Utopia (Basic Books, 1974), 149–182.

Background reading: G. Cohen, “Robert Nozick and Wilt Chamberlain: How Patterns Preserve Liberty,” in Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality (Cambridge, 1995), 19–37.

Backgroudn reading: D. Schmidtz, “History and Pattern,” Social Philosophy and Policy 22.1 (2005), 148–177.

Nov 21: Recognition

Focus reading: N. Fraser, “Recognition without Ethics?” Theory, Culture & Society 18.2–3 (2001), 21–42.

Background reading: C. Taylor, “The Politics of Recognition,” in Multiculturalism: Examining the Politics of Recognition, ed. A. Gutmann (Princeton, 1994), 25–73.

Background reading: P. McQueen, “Social and Political Recognition,” in Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2011.

Optional background reading: N. Fraser, “Rethinking Recognition.” New Left Review 3 (2000), 107–120.