CHIN2292 Guided Reading in Chinese Philosophy

This is a reading course that guides students in close reading and discussion of a single major philosophical text from the Chinese tradition. Texts chosen may vary from year to year. Examples include Mozi 墨子, Mengzi 孟子, Zhuangzi 莊子, Xunzi 荀子, Hanfeizi 韓非子, Huainanzi 淮南子, Guo Xiang's Zhuangzi Zhu 郭象莊子注, Zhuzi Yulei 朱子語類, Chuanxi Lu 傳習錄, Mingyi Daifang Lu 明夷待訪錄, and Mengzi Ziyi Shuzheng 孟子字義疏證. Class meetings will focus on interpretation and discussion of passages from the selected text. Students will take turns leading discussion.